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Fuel Cost Calculator  Site Reviews(0)
Here's a fuel-cost calculator and it's just in time for summer vacation! The American Automobile Association (AAA) has a Web page that estimates how much it costs to drive from one city to the next. Enter your starting city, destination and your car's year, make and model. If your make and model isn't listed, you can enter your car's average miles per gallon. The distance, fuel consumption and price of fuel are estimated. It can't give an exact number, but it's great to use for a budget.
Added: May 26, 2005  Last Update: May 26, 2005  Category: F    Hits Out: 30
Forces of Nature  Site Reviews(0)
Hurricane season has officially started. Unfortunately, forecasters are predicting a very active one. To learn more about hurricanes, visit Forces of Nature. National Geographic put together this site to accompany its Forces of Nature film. You can find out where to see the film. Then start your exploring online. Learn what causes hurricanes and tornados. Then use the simulators to create your own. But the learning isnít just limited to storms. Forces of Nature also explores earthquakes and volcanoes. Learn what causes them and read about big ones in history. And, again, simulators make the experience explosive.
Added: Jun 15, 2005  Last Update: Jun 15, 2005  Category: F    Hits Out: 20
Fraud Frond  Site Reviews(0)
This website pays homage to the fake trees that disguise our cell phone towers. Have you seen these things??! Every time I see a Bogus Botanical or a Counterfeit Conifer, I can't help giggling at the absurdity of it all. These Sham Shrubs have been manufactured so that you and I can communicate with each other, while protecting our delicate aesthetic sensibilities.
Added: Jun 15, 2005  Last Update: Jun 15, 2005  Category: F    Hits Out: 54
Find dinos in your area  Site Reviews(0)
Here in Phoenix, fall is a good time to do gardening. So last weekend I was out digging. I found the strangest thing in one of the flowerbeds: a bone. It was about five feet long and looked really old. I knew it wasn't human, thankfully. It had to belong to a dinosaur skeleton. Like most kids, my son Ian loves dinosaurs. When he saw the bone, he asked, "Mommy, was it a brontosaurus?" Since I didn't know, we got on the Internet and found When Dinosaurs Roamed America. Just enter your ZIP code to learn about the dinosaurs that lived in your area. We narrowed down our dinosaur to an allosaurus or stegosaurus. We're still debating which.
Added: Oct 7, 2005  Last Update: Oct 7, 2005  Category: F    Hits Out: 25
Film Appreciation  Site Reviews(0)

Added: Jan 10, 2006  Last Update: Jan 10, 2006  Category: F    Hits Out: 48
FindSounds  Site Reviews(0)
If you work with slide shows, movies or music, visit FindSounds. It's a search site for audio. You'll find sound effects and samples of musical instruments. Simply download the sounds and add them to your next project. You'll be amazed at what you'll find. I listened to killer bees, sea lions, applause and the didgeridoo. Even if you don't work with music or video, FindSounds is fun. Your children will love it. And if you know any birdwatchers, forward this newsletter to them. It's a great way to find birdcalls.
Added: Sep 26, 2006  Last Update: Sep 26, 2006  Category: F    Hits Out: 16
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