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Earth in Peril  Site Reviews(0)
For decades environmentalists have warned that ever-rising numbers of people and their impact on the Earth's finite resources could lead to disaster, not only for wildlife and ecosystems but also for human populations. With each passing year, as scientists gather and publish more data that graphically reveal the link between population growth and environmental degradation, those warnings are becoming harder to ignore. In this map-based feature, gauge the scope and effects, both actual and potential, of the human "footprint" on our planet.
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EcoAction  Site Reviews(0)
Since 1995, Environment Canada's EcoAction Community Funding Program has provided financial support to community groups for projects that have measurable, positive impacts on the environment. Funding support can be requested for projects that have an action focus, a community capacity building focus, or a combination of both objectives. EcoAction encourages project submissions that will protect, rehabilitate or enhance the natural environment, and build the capacity of communities to sustain these activities into the future. Projects require matching funds or in-kind support from other sponsors. Non-profit groups are eligible to apply to the program. This includes, but is not limited to: community groups, environmental groups, aboriginal groups and First Nations councils, service clubs, associations, and youth and seniors' organizations. Private sector organizations, educational institutions, and municipal, provincial/territorial and federal governments are not eligible applicants, but are encouraged to partner with non-profit organizations. In keeping with major Environment Canada and Government of Canada environmental priorities, EcoAction supports projects that address the following themes:
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Environmental Assesment Program  Site Reviews(0)
Environment Canada's (EC) National Environmental Assessment (EA) Program is a national network of managers, practitioners, analysts, and scientists who work together to deliver EA services in order to protect and conserve Canada's environment. Across the country, those working in EC's EA Program examine projects and proposals, perform environmental assessments, and provide advice to other departments and senior management within EC. The EA program's objectives are to ensure Departmental compliance with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) and the 1999 Cabinet Directive on the EA of policy, plan, and program proposals; define Environment Canada's position with respect to projects; co-ordinate and integrate our science and policy objectives into decision-making; and ensure national consistency in the application of CEAA. Through this national approach and implementation of its mandate, the EA team contributes to EC's four business lines, which include: Clean Environment; Nature; Weather and Environmental Predictions; and Management, Administration and Policy. These business lines provide national direction for strategic resource decision making and the foundation of the Department's approach to management.
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E-Health Resource Repository  Site Reviews(0)
The Health Telematics Unit is a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, researchers, educators, learners, students, and partners who foster and encourage innovative quality research, evaluation, consultation, teaching, and service in the area of telehealth. This is the first program of its kind in Canada to combine a research program, using the latest advances in telehealth research and evaluation, with a training program. Our members play major leadership roles in the development of telehealth at the international, national, provincial, and local levels. This multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral team represents diverse fields such as medicine, nursing, and allied health fields; health economics and policy; business and management; engineering; social sciences; and computer science, telecommunications and multimedia development. Because of the program's reputation as a leader in telehealth research and policy issues, it is responsible for providing access to the most current and critical information.
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Education Central Photography Courses  Site Reviews(0)
A comprehensive listing of courses on Photography.
Added: Jan 10, 2006  Last Update: Jan 10, 2006  Category: E    Hits Out: 19
Earth Institute at Columbia University  Site Reviews(0)
Under the very able direction of Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, The Earth Institute at Columbia University is dedicated to addressing a number of tremendously complex issues, including the vexing question of sustainable development as well as the needs of the world*s poor. To this end, the Institute supports a number of creative projects in the biological, engineering, and health sciences, along with inculcating a spirit of cooperation across various disciplines. The homepage of the Institute is rather delightful, largely due to the fact that its general layout is quite simple and user-friendly. Visitors can start their journey by looking at their news releases, and then taking a gander at the *Reports from the Field* area which brings to light some of the recent investigations by Institute affiliates in an engaging and informative fashion. Those looking for some of their scholarly work should take a look at the *Research* section of their site where they can learn about the various initiatives that are in progress at the Institute. The site is rounded out by a detailed calendar of events.
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EricDSnider  Site Reviews(0)
Movie blogs are a dime a dozen, but few tackle the subject with the humous and snarkiness as Eric D. Snider. And few have such a large catalog of reviews.
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The Envirornmental Association for Universities and Colleges  Site Reviews(0)
The EAUC is the sustainability champion for universities and colleges in the UK. Run by members, for its members, the EAUC seeks to work with members and partners to drive sustainability to the heart of further and higher education.
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