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A repository of current reports dealing with Higher Education issues. Many of these reports are Canadian-based.

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Dying to be Thin  Site Reviews(0)

Added: Aug 10, 2005  Last Update: Aug 10, 2005  Category: D    Hits Out: 69
Digital Universe  Site Reviews(0)
As you might have guessed by its name, The Digital Universe is an ambitious project. It seeks to become the largest source of accurate information in history. The Digital Universe just launched recently, but developers have been working on it for years. They're off to a good start! The site has amassed a stunning amount of information, which is arranged by category. To start exploring, you'll need to register. You can sign up for a free basic membership. However, there are also paid memberships that include Internet access. After you register, you're prompted to download the ManyOne browser. You'll need it to access the content. The browser is unlike any I've used before. But I won't ruin the surprise I'll let you discover it for yourself!
Added: Jun 9, 2006  Last Update: Jun 9, 2006  Category: D    Hits Out: 38
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonist Index  Site Reviews(0)

Added: Aug 21, 2006  Last Update: Aug 21, 2006  Category: D    Hits Out: 43
Dr. Calculator  Site Reviews(0)
Calculate your mortage, lease payments, loans, investments etc.
Added: Oct 2, 2006  Last Update: Oct 2, 2006  Category: D    Hits Out: 28
Drug Digest  Site Reviews(0)
The cost of prescription medicine can be astronomical. But there are ways to lower your costs. For instance, you can substitute generics for name brands. Not sure if there are generic equivalents for your medications? Visit this Site. It will help you find generic alternatives. Then, you can speak with your doctor about switching. Also, check the drug interactions page. This will tell you if your medications will react badly with one another. Plus, it will tell you whether to avoid certain foods.
Added: Oct 23, 2006  Last Update: Oct 23, 2006  Category: D    Hits Out: 26
Democracy Player  Site Reviews(0)
Video sites are among the best things to happen to the Internet. If you didn't have anything better to do, you could spend hours watching online videos. Limit the amount I watch, and that means you have to choose carefully. So you don't spend a lot of time hunting down videos. Instead, Let them come to you. Democracy player is really something else! You can subscribe to channels and have videos downloaded directly to your computer. Then, watch them at your leisure. The channels come from all over the Internet. You're bound to find at least a few that you like. You can search by category. That should help you narrow your choices.
Added: Nov 8, 2006  Last Update: Nov 8, 2006  Category: D    Hits Out: 23
National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology  Site Reviews(0)
Welcome to National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology Program. NWF's Campus Ecology program helps colleges and universities confront global warming by supporting and recognizing climate and wildlife-friendly practices and cultivating long-term leaders on campus and in the community. NWF views confronting global warming as one of the most important steps to protect wildlife and habitat for our children's future. * Sustainability
Added: Jul 23, 2007  Last Update: Jul 23, 2007  Category: D    Hits Out: 40
Desktop Video Handbook  Site Reviews(0)

Added: Aug 18, 2007  Last Update: Aug 18, 2007  Category: D    Hits Out: 37
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