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A repository of current reports dealing with Higher Education issues. Many of these reports are Canadian-based.

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Youth Round Table on the Environment  Site Reviews(2)

Added: Nov 30, 1999  Last Update: Nov 30, 1999  Category: Y    Hits Out: 66
Yahoo Games  Site Reviews(0)
Try your luck with some of Yahoo!ís fun games. Youíll find card games, puzzles, board games, and even arcade games. And if youíre not feeling lucky today? Play a game that calls for a little more than sheer luck. There are plenty of games that require skill and intelligence. If youíre a brainiac, test your wits with a game of chess. You can select a worthy opponent from a list of players. Or play some word games to test your verbal skills. The games are free, but you must register to play. And remember, watch out for ladders and black cats!
Added: May 13, 2005  Last Update: May 13, 2005  Category: Y    Hits Out: 25
YouSendIt  Site Reviews(0)
Trying to transfer large files is a frustrating experience. Most e-mail accounts have limits on the size of attachments. However, YouSendIt provides a simple solution. You can upload files up to 1 gigabyte in size. Wow! Then you send a notification to the recipient. Recipients will only see the files theyíre invited to view. They also can download the files. Just keep in mind that files are destroyed after one week. Further, the company says safeguards are in place to maintain the security of your files.
Added: Jun 6, 2005  Last Update: Jun 6, 2005  Category: Y    Hits Out: 25
You Tube  Site Reviews(0)
Video is proliferating like crazy on the Internet. There are a number of sites that host video clips. And search sites will help you find them. I like to browse the videos. And You Tube is a great place to find them. Most are fairly short, so youíll have time to watch quite a few. The videos are posted by people like you and me. Some are funny, others are mundane. And yet others were made by aspiring filmmakers. You may be inspired to post your own videos. No problem! Itís easy to start, and thereís no charge. This is handy if you have a video you want to show friends or family. But donít post anything you donít want the whole world to see!
Added: Jun 9, 2006  Last Update: Jun 9, 2006  Category: Y    Hits Out: 19
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