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A repository of current reports dealing with Higher Education issues. Many of these reports are Canadian-based.

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Wildfinder  Site Reviews(0)
In keeping with its interest in wildlife conservation, the World Wildlife Fund has created the WildFinder database, which allows users to find out where various species live around the world. The information in the database is based on the Fund's 825 terrestrial ecoregions and currently includes information for four large taxa, or groups of species: birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians. The appeal of such a database is rather broad, and extends to groups such as teachers, conservationists, and the general public. Visitors can begin by searching by country, US ZIP code, or city. They can also use the various interactive tools (such as the pan or zoom features) to take a closer look at any given area. Users of the site's database can also search by species name and also view a map gallery that contains some pre-selected themes, such as the richness of mammal species or reptiles species as distributed across the world.
Added: Aug 8, 2005  Last Update: Aug 8, 2005  Category: W    Hits Out: 45
World in the Balance  Site Reviews(0)
Population studies.
Added: Aug 10, 2005  Last Update: Aug 10, 2005  Category: W    Hits Out: 21
World Lecture Hall  Site Reviews(0)
Welcome to World Lecture Hall, your entry point to free online course materials from around the world. Please browse, search, learn and enjoy.
Added: Sep 24, 2005  Last Update: Sep 24, 2005  Category: W    Hits Out: 13
The WWW Virtual Library  Site Reviews(0)

Added: Sep 24, 2005  Last Update: Sep 24, 2005  Category: W    Hits Out: 11
Wildlife and Nature - Atlantic Canada Region  Site Reviews(0)

Added: Oct 5, 2005  Last Update: Oct 5, 2005  Category: W    Hits Out: 15
Worth 1000     Site Reviews(0)

Added: Nov 29, 2005  Last Update: Nov 29, 2005  Category: W    Hits Out: 20
The Way We Work  Site Reviews(0)
The Way we Work. Canada's Workforce in Transition.
Added: Sep 11, 2007  Last Update: Sep 11, 2007  Category: W    Hits Out: 40
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