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Urban Environment: Challenges to Sustainability  Site Reviews(11)
Ever since the Development Gateway resource was created a few years ago, they and their partner organizations have never shied away from taking on some of the thorniest issues facing human populations around the globe. Recently, they assembled their own set of top-notch experts to talk about the future of urban environments from a variety of informed perspectives. The subjects they were primarily concerned with included air pollution, the lack of clean water, and other issues that concern large urban areas, articularly in the developing world. Divided into four primary sections, the homepage brings together perspectives from Gateway members that answer questions such as *What are the biggest challenges to cities?* Other sections are also offered that provide effective networking suggestions for professionals and civic officials who might be intimately involved with such policy solutions. The site is rounded out by the *Communities* area, which allows users to view information on the role of technology and urban development and cities which have adopted certain sustainable technologies.
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Universal Currency Converter  Site Reviews(1)
If you’ll be traveling overseas, stop by the Universal Currency Converter. It can convert between just about every currency in the world. In total, there are 200 different currencies! Rates are quoted in real-time, so you know you’re getting current information. It will help you calculate how much something costs. Or, use it in the planning stages of your vacation to pick an economical destination. Keep in mind, though, that you will be charged for converting money. Because this charge varies, it isn’t included in the conversion rate.
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Upstream Fly Fishing Gallery  Site Reviews(0)

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Urban Ecology  Site Reviews(0)
Urban Ecology was founded in 1975 by visionary architects and activists who believed that cities should serve both people and nature. From the beginning, Urban Ecology has used urban planning, ecology, and public participation to help design and build healthier cities. Urban Ecology’s mission is serious, but its roots are lighthearted and creative. In the mid 1970s, one of Urban Ecology’s founders, Richard Register, grew a vegetable patch in his 1968 Pontiac GTO to lampoon America’s love of cars. Dubbed the “Veggie Car,” it traveled to energy fairs, street festivals, and community gardens before it was finally retired to a playground. Around the same time, urban ecologists strapped on roller skates to distribute “Gasaholics Anonymous” parking tickets in Berkeley, inviting vehicle owners to question their dependence on automobiles and join in the fight to create cities built for people, not cars.
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U.S. News and World Report  Site Reviews(0)

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UBC Botantial Garden  Site Reviews(0)
The motto of this fine site is simple: "In science, beauty. In beauty, science. Daily". A more pure expression could not be found to describe this lovely site offered by the University of British Columbia's Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research. The site focuses on a different high-quality photograph every day, complete with background information. Visitors can also view the site's archives, which date back to April 2005 and browse previously featured photographs, which are divided into categories that include conifers, lichens, mosses, and natural landscapes. Visitors will also want to check out some of organization's resources, including The Garden Weblog and the online garden forums. Finally, the site also affords visitors the opportunity to download desktop wallpaper for their own computer
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