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Shador Education Foundation  Site Reviews(0)
With the kind support of the National Science Foundation, the Shodor Education Foundation continues to provide a wide set of resources designed to assist educators with the formidable task of teaching young people about math and science. Since 1994, they have been responsible for the Interactivate website, which is designed to create, collect, and disseminate Java-based courseware for exploration in science and mathematics. On this part of the website, visitors can consider some of the 90 items they have created so far. The subjects covered include geometry, algebra, probability, and discrete functions. Within each activity, visitors can read more about the intended audience for each one, and also learn about the prerequisites and objectives for each lesson.
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Standard Initiative on the Environment and Substainability  Site Reviews(0)
Sustainability is a phrase that is bandied about frequently and at times it is hard to determine if an adequate definition exits. Stanford University is intimately concerned with this subject, and they recently created the Initiative of the Environment and Sustainability to deal with questions raised by this phrase and other such thorny areas of inquiry. On their site, they pose this query which will give visitors to the site pause: *Can we adequately meet current human needs while protecting and restoring planetary life support systems for the welfare of people today and generations to come?* A good way to start browsing through the site is by clicking on one of their four primary areas, which are represented by small graphic symbols that read *Energy & Climate*, *Fresh Water*, *Land Use & Conservation* and *Oceans & Estuaries*. Perhaps one of the most intriguing sections of the site is *Sustainability at Stanford* area, where visitors can learn what initiatives they are working on at their own campus in Palo Alto. Water*s Journey Everglades Currents of Change [Macromedia Flash Player, pdf] Understanding the ecological history and operation of the Everglades is complicated, and when one considers the role that humans play in its transformation, things get even more complex. This website, created by Karst Productions (with substantial support from the Florida Department of Agriculture and the South Florida Water Management District) does a nice job of bringing web users a wealth of information about the history and contemporary situation in and around this massive area. Clicking on the *Begin Your Journey* link brings up an interactive map of south Florida that contains conceptual animations of the Everglades water flow before human impact, the current water flow, and the planned flow after the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CREP) is completed. Visitors should then proceed to the Everglades Historical Timeline, which tracks the earliest human interventions into the area all the way up to the present day through photographs and other primary documents. Finally, a splendid section of educational resources offers lesson plans, teaching modules, and other such material.
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Second Nature  Site Reviews(0)
Since 1993, Second Nature (SN) has worked with over 4,000 faculty and administrators at more than 500 colleges and universities to help make the principles of sustainability the foundation of all learning, practice, and collaboration with local communities. Today, in order to help higher education move from simple good intentions to strategic transformative action, Second Nature focuses its energy on initiating, advising, and supporting select high-leverage national and regional education for sustainability (EFS) activities for which there is a clear need and committed support. Past initiatives have included advancing EFS networks at the state, regional, and national levels; building the nationally respected online clearinghouse for Education for Sustainability information; and conducting a multi-million dollar, ten year advocacy and outreach effort that was instrumental in launching the higher education EFS movement.
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