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A repository of current reports dealing with Higher Education issues. Many of these reports are Canadian-based.

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North American Mamals  Site Reviews(0)
The Smithsonian Institution is well regarded for both its fine in situ collections and its rather dynamic and lively Web-based exhibits and databases. This particular site contains a searchable database of the approximately 400 living mammals of North America. Much of the material on the site is based on The Smithsonian Book of North American Mammals by Don E. Wilson and Sue Ruff. New visitors will definitely want to begin by perusing the "About the Site" area as it provides some basic information about how to best utilize the ways to search the database. In brief, the database may be searched by species, geographic location, conservation status, and family tree. For each mammal, visitors can view several renderings and photographs and also read a short scientific and narrative description. A particularly novel feature is that for many of the mammals visitors can listen to a sound clip of each in its natural habitat. Another feature that is quite helpful is that visitors can create their own printable field guides by merely clicking a box next to each mammal's scientific name, and then proceed to print these materials out as they wish.
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National Geographics Adventure  Site Reviews(0)
National Geographic Adventure is a great place to get some ideas. The site will take you off the beaten track and give you an experience youíll never forget. You can start by looking at geographical areas or reading the lists of top destinations. But donít forget to visit the photo galleries and watch the videos. They may provide the inspiration you need.
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National Geophysical Data Center  Site Reviews(0)
Educators in the geophysical sciences will find much to work with on this site created by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration*s National Geophysical Data Center. Utilizing data captured over time by their team of scientific experts, the site includes a climate timeline informational tool which can be used to demonstrate the transformation of the Earth*s climate over the past 100,000 years and a section titled *All About Snow*, which provides answers to questions about snow. The real treats here are the interactive hands-on activities that include an origami balloon of elevations and an even more complex dodecahedron globe that offers a three- dimensional visualization for use by students and teachers. Finally, the *Visualizing Data* area contains a few recent additions that can be used in the classroom, such as several animated dives to the bottom of the Marianas Trench off of the Philippines.
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National Environmental Compliance Assistance Clearing House  Site Reviews(0)
Need help understanding environmental regulations? This innovative web site provides quick access to compliance assistance tools, contacts, and planned activities from US EPA, its partners, and other compliance assistance providers. You can find a wide variety of compliance information quickly by using the navigation topics on the left side bar or click on the Topics Directory. You can also use the features listed below to interact with US EPA and other assistance providers. * Compliance
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