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A repository of current reports dealing with Higher Education issues. Many of these reports are Canadian-based.

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Jimbogames  Site Reviews(1)
You'll find Atari classics like Pac Man and Frogger. Or, if you prefer space games, there's Space Invaders and Asteroids. And remember the game Simon? There's even a virtual version of that. If those aren't your style, there are also some fighting games and sports games. You can play tennis, golf, or even surf. You'll need the free Flash Player to access the games. If it isn't installed on your computer, you'll be directed to the download site.
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Jacques Pepin - Fast Food My Way  Site Reviews(4)
Ever have one of those nights that you just don't want to cook and a delivered pizza doesn't cut it? If so, hit Jacques Pepin's site. He's redefined the term "fast food." His recipes use fresh or canned ingredients, but never anything processed. Best of all, he shows you how to make great food fast! On his site, you can watch clips of his show and go behind the scenes. You can also tour his kitchen and read an interview with him. Of course, there are plenty of delicious recipes. And the Web site has a great design too!
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Jokes and Pranks Entertainment Software  Site Reviews(1)
Our entertainment software is perfect for the most mischievous pranks and computer gags. This software is great for playing jokes on those unsuspecting users. Click on any of our computer pranks below to get more information and download them. RJL Software features a treasure trove of free software. But these programs are designed to irritate friends and coworkers. Just install one on a computer and watch the fun begin! There are programs that mess around with the screen and mouse. Or, there's the one that simulates formatting the hard drive. It's up to you how far you want to take the joke!
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